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Leah’s Story

“Be proud of it.”

Share your stigma experience.

I have had depression for over 8 years. Often, when I tell people this, the first reaction is: Oh, just cheer up. You’re such a downer. my reaction to this is: if I could be happy, I would. I can’t. I am either completely numb or sad all the time. nothing excites me. you think I like feeling this way? Trust me, it’s not a choice. It really bothers me when people act like it’s my fault.

How did you overcome this experience?

I try to explain the scientific reasons behind depression. It is hard to explain how it feels to be depressed. someone who hasn’t had depression can’t really understand how if feels to be so empty all the time. I give statistics on depression. it surprises people how many people have experienced depression.

Help others by sharing a brief, positive message.

Life is hard. Sometimes it feels like it isn’t worth it. But, trust me, it is. Bad things happen, but so do good things. If you have mental illness, don’t be afraid to get help. Getting help shows a strength of character that not everyone has. Be proud of it.

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