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It’s OK to have a mental health condition.


It’s OK to talk about it.


It’s OK to ask for help.

Make It OK works to end the stigma surrounding mental health and illnesses.


Let’s Make It OK to talk about mental health and illnesses so everyone feels safe and empowered to get the support and care they deserve. Our hope is to change attitudes about mental health and champion a commitment to mental well-being for all.


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Learn about mental health and illnesses, the impact of stigma and how to combat myths with facts and resources.


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Let’s start the conversation. Silence can make the stigma of mental health worse. It’s OK to talk about it. You don’t need to be a mental health expert; just someone who cares and is willing to listen. Stop the silence and start a caring and informed conversation.
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Turn caring into action. Spread Make It OK’s message of hope in your community. Get involved by taking the pledge, becoming a Make It OK ambassador, donating or by simply learning more about mental health and Make It OK.
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Mental illnesses are more common than you think

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people have pledged to stop the mental health stigma.

By signing this pledge, you’re taking a stand against the mental health stigma. Pass it on. Print it out. Tape it up. It can serve as a reminder to start more conversations and stop the labeling. Together, we can Make It OK.

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Connect with real people’s mental health lived experiences. See how stigma has impacted their journeys, learn what they’ve found helpful or share your own lived experience.

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Support is just a click away. Mental health and well-being matter.
Explore resources to get support for mental health.

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One click can support mental health. Your donation to Make It OK goes directly to help stop the stigma of mental health and illnesses and its impact on our communities.



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