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Please use these resources as a guide to teach, share, learn, and speak about mental illnesses and stigma.

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The following posters, flyers, and PowerPoints support conversations surrounding mental illnesses. Print them out, hang them up, and spread the word.

Note: PowerPoint slides can be used on electronic messaging boards or before presentations. Some of the slides do not have content so you can customize them with your own messages.

Flyer: Learn what to say »

Flyer: It’s OK to have mental illness »

Flyer: Stop the silence »

Table Tents »

What to Say Tip Card »

Make It OK General Informational Brochure »

English pledge form »

Spanish pledge form »

Spanish what to say brochure »

Brand Guidelines »

Promo items »

Host a presentation

Here, you’ll find what you need to lead a discussion about mental illness and the Make It OK campaign. The PowerPoint comes with talking points to help guide your meeting. Customize as you like.

The Make It OK campaign also has speakers who can host a workshop. The free workshop can run anywhere between 45 and 60 minutes with discussions centered around mental illness and how to talk about them.


Discussion guide »

Scenarios »



For organizations

Are you a company, church, school, or other organization ready to break the silence surrounding mental illness? By implementing Make It OK, you can foster an environment where everyone feels understood and supported. Click the link below for preparation steps in launching your Make It OK initiative.

Campaign preparation steps »

Upcoming events

If you’re interested in learning more about mental illness stigma, how you can help to reduce it, discover what to say and what not to say and how to find resources for care and support, please join us for one of our free upcoming virtual presentations or ambassador trainings.

April 14, 2021

2-4 pm
May 5, 2021

May 27, 2021



There are many comedians and comedy writers who have battled depression in their lives. The Hilarious World of Depression, sponsored by Make It OK, looks at depression through the eyes of eight comedians. Host John Moe and the comedians he talks to use humor as way to start a conversation to help end the stigma of mental illness.

Subscribe here to listen.

You can also download excerpts of the interviews below.

Peter Sagal – Writer & host of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

Maria Bamford – Standup comedian & star of Lady Dynamite on Netflix.

Sam Grittner – Standup comedian & comedy writer.

Dick Cavett – Host of the original Tonight Show and The Dick Cavett Show.

Andy Richter – Actor, writer, comedian and sidekick of Conan O’Brien.

Eight comedians; One chronic mental illness.

Jen Kirkman – Best-selling author, top-notch storyteller and Chelsea Lately panelist.

Baron Vaughn – Comedian, actor, regular on Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

Paul F. Tompkins – Stand-up comedian, actor in the film There Will Be Blood and on the Netflix series BoJack Horseman

Bonus: Listen to John Moe’s interim episode “Placebo” where he sits down with listeners to discuss their own story of living with depression

Bonus: Listen to John Moe’s interim episode “Placebo” where he sits down with Peter Sagal

Bonus: Listen to John Moe’s interim episode “Placebo” where he discusses strange ways to treat depression

Bonus: Listen to John Moe’s interim episode “Placebo” where he talks with Ana Marie Cox

Bonus: Listen to John Moe’s interim episode “Placebo” where he talks with Jonna Nummela, a sad clown.

Bonus: Listen to John Moe’s interim episode “Placebo” where listeners discuss songs that have helped when times are dark.

Bonus: Listen to John Moe’s interim episode “Placebo” where more listeners discuss more songs that have helped when times are dark.

Donate to Make It OK

Help us spread the word by donating to the Make It OK campaign. With more eyes on our message, we have a better chance of putting an end to mental illness stigma.


More resources

The following organizations are recognized experts in improving the lives of people with mental illness. You can also use the Make It OK Interactive Tool or download a simple “tips for talking” reminder card.

NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness »
A community of mental health advocates helping those in need receive services, treatment, and support.

NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health »
Working through research to better understand and treat mental illness.

NAMI Minnesota »
Improving the lives of children and adults with mental illness in Minnesota through education and support.

Mental Health Minnesota »
Working to enhance mental health, promote individual empowerment, and increase access for those with mental illness.

Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health »
Promoting positive mental health for infants, children, adolescents, and their families.

Make It OK Interactive Tool »
Download tips for talking »