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Take action to end mental health stigma

It all starts with you. Stigma won’t end on its own. It takes compassionate people like you to stand up and tell the world that it’s OK to have a mental health condition. And it’s OK to talk about it.

You don’t need to be an expert on mental health and illnesses to talk about it or share the Make It OK message. You just need to want to end the stigma and start caring and informed conversations about mental health. By sharing the Make It OK message with others, you can help stop the stigma, create more caring communities and help improve and even save lives.

Turn your passion for stopping the stigma into action.

Start by taking the pledge, becoming a Make It OK ambassador, donating or simply learning more about mental health and Make It OK.

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people have pledged to stop the mental health stigma.

Stigma stops here. By signing this pledge, you’re helping break the silence and taking a stand against mental health stigma. Together, we can Make It OK.

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Become an ambassador

If you’re passionate about reducing mental health stigma, be a champion for change by helping Make It OK in your community.

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Attend events

Join us for one of our free virtual presentations to learn more about Make It OK and becoming an ambassador.

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Donate to Make It OK

Be a part of ending the stigma of mental illnesses with a contribution to Make It OK.


Share Make It OK

Spread awareness of mental health stigma, or launch a campaign in your community or workplace with these tools and resources.


Connect with stories of hope and strength

Connect with real people’s lived experiences with mental health and illnesses, how stigma has impacted their journey and what has been helpful to them. Then share your own lived experience.

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Take the pledge

Take action against mental health stigma by pledging to break the silence.

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