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Become a Make It OK ambassador

What is a Make It OK ambassador?

Someone who has a passion for reducing mental health and illness stigma in their community. An ambassador doesn’t need to be a mental health expert, just someone who cares a lot about stopping the silence and ending the mental health stigma through raising awareness, connecting with others and mobilizing the message of hope to help increase understanding and create caring communities.

What does a Make It OK Ambassador do?

Ambassadors really are the boots on the ground, helping mobilize and share Make It OK throughout their community. Whether choosing to launch a Make It OK campaign (in your community or organization), host presentations, attend community events or simply raise awareness on social media, share resources and just start a caring conversation with someone — it’s all up to you, the ambassador, on how much you want to get involved. Our Make It OK team is always here to support ambassadors in this very important work we do together to help end the stigma through opening the door to a caring conversation and bridging people to resources to help them get the care and support they deserve.

How to become a Make It OK ambassador

Join us for a free, virtual, two-hour training that provides you with important information about the campaign, the stigma surrounding mental health and illnesses and its impact. This training will equip you with all the tools and resources you need to confidently talk about and share Make It OK with others as well as to launch a Make It OK campaign in your community, if you choose to.

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Ambassador spotlights


Joyce encourages others to become a Make It OK ambassador, sharing: “It’s the most important work we can do for our community: giving people access to Make It OK and allowing them to talk openly without fear or shame. Once you become an ambassador, you will help someone, even if you don’t hear about it. People are taking in the information.”

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“Being a Make It OK ambassador is meaningful to me as it sharpens my skills to be able to curate conversations with anyone about mental health. I am able to normalize conversations about mental health with friends, family and communities.”

— Bhar

“So proud to have been through this program and proud to be an ambassador! It’s changed me in so many ways, and I like to believe I’m making a difference with others I interact with. Thank you for all you do!”

— Brandon

“As an ambassador, I have gained and learned ways to talk about stigma and ways to continue to educate others.”

— Fatuma

Already an ambassador?

Great! And thank you. Sign in to the ambassador portal to gain access to customizable resources for raising awareness in communities and workplaces, find steps to launch a campaign, attend additional trainings and more.

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