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Help end mental health stigma, and show support

The words you say can Make It OK. Whether you struggle with your mental health, have a mental illness or know someone who does, it can be difficult to know the right thing to say or how to best show support. But don’t worry. What’s most important is your willingness to stop the silence and start a caring conversation.

How to support and start a conversation about mental health and stigma

Whether you’re looking to end the stigma for yourself or others, welcome. We’re grateful you’re here and interested in taking the first step. Below are some ways to begin reducing stigma with tips for talking, listening and supporting someone with a mental illness.

For myself

Learn how to open up about your mental health to others, take care of yourself as a caregiver of someone living with a mental illness and find understanding in community perspectives and resources.

Show me

For someone else

You may want to help someone with a mental illness but aren’t sure how to begin. Learn what to say, what not to say and how to offer support, resources, love and care for those struggling with their mental health or living with a mental illness.

How to help

In the community

Our community, culture, beliefs, identity and language all shape how we understand mental health. These differences also affect how we can best care for and support people with their mental health. Learn more about community mental health perspectives and the importance of understanding and talking about culture and identity in mental health conversations.

Community perspectives

Stigma loves silence

When we understand and know better, we do better. Understanding helps us talk more openly, create connections and improve mental health for all. Learn about the impact of stigma so we can end it for all

Learn about stigma