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Kay’s Story

“No matter how difficult or scary something seems, you should never give up…”

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When I was younger, I was a very shy and timid girl. This was due to my high anxiety level. I was anxious to do well in school and put a lot of pressure on myself. Everything felt so scary in the classroom; therefore, I would not answer any questions even though I knew the answer. Moreover, I would not feel comfortable going up to teachers to ask questions when I did not understand something. This led to many mistakes and poor test scores. Determined to do well in school became my number one priority each and every day. I would make sure all my work was done on time and to perfection. This meant that on a daily basis I spent six long hours after school completing my homework and studying for tests. Although I started to achieved my goal of improving my grades, I started to realize that putting all of the efforts into my school work made me anti-social and I had minimal friends. I wanted to make friends, but I was to afraid to talk to anyone because I did not think they would appreciate who I was. This led to more anxiety and some depression.

How did you overcome this experience?

I started to take pressure off myself, which improved my grades. Then, I became more confident in who I was, which led me to make several long lasting friends. It was not easy for me because of my shy personality. However, I thought about the advise my mom had given me “ In life, we all experience obstacles, but they can be overcome. The key is that we do not give up.” I was determined that no matter what obstacle I faced, I would not only not give up but also I would try new things.

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No matter how difficult or scary something seems, you should never give up, because that’s the key to success.

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