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Kate’s Story

“Not all hard work takes physical form.”

Share your stigma experience.

I have have extreme anxiety, depression and mild OCD. I can say, I was lucky enough to have experienced an understanding mother for a bit of early on intervention, but friends and family were very disapproving of my tearful episodes and my sensitive attitude or my attachment issues, with my mother.
The worst however, came from my own young mind, thinking I was crazy lazy and doomed for suicide, though I didn’t want such a thing.

How did you overcome this experience?

I dig it….I embrace the intense uniqueness of who I am and appreciate my ability to empathize and help others empathize with what they typically see as a negative expression from themselves or someone nearby.

I use my practice at dealing with this to see myself as an advocate for those struggling at a master at stress management!! 🙂

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Not all hard work takes physical form.

Battling with depression is battling a form of evil, that morphs to it’s host.

Thank You

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