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Jerri’s story

“I am usually glad that I have told someone because it opens up a conversation.”

What kind of stigma did you experience/observe?

I work in health care which you would think would be an understanding environment but…
I needed to miss work when I struggled most with bipolar (mostly depressive symptoms) and anxiety. I had FMLA and my manager was unbelievably kind and understanding. But the person that had to reschedule my patients and her manager felt I “looked just fine” so I should be at work! I always have felt people are judging me. Seven years later, I don’t share that I have bipolar in remission. I feel alone. I don’t feel people understand.

How did you overcome this experience? 

There have been times when I have shared with people that I work with (at a new job) but I am always cautious. I am usually glad that I have told someone because it opens up a conversation. But I am hesitant…

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The dark days felt like they lasted forever. With intense therapy and many med adjustments, I am now in remission. It can happen!

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