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Heather’s Story

“Take things one step at a time. Life is beautiful!”

Share your stigma experience.

I lost my uncle to suicide coming up on 2 years. It was the most heartbreaking experience. I have trouble putting into words how it felt, and how it continues to make me feel every day. It’s so hard to to see the casual and frequent jokes people make about suicide. I’ve heard people say that people who want to kill themselves deserve to die, and other destructive comments.

How did you overcome this experience?

I feel that it’s so important to approach everything with understanding and kindness. People can’t understand what it’s like to be affected by suicide, unless they have experienced it. I try to find it somewhere in my heart to find love for these people, in that they are not trying to hurt others with their comments. Their comments are a reflection of ignorance and the overarching stigmas on mental health society possesses. If I have it in me, I try to explain to the person making the comment why it is so harmful in hopes that they will stop.

Help others by sharing a brief, positive message.

You are loved and important! Your thoughts and feelings matter! Remember that you are capable of handling anything thrown your way. Everything happens for a reason. Your hardships will one day make sense, and give you the tools to grow. Take things one step at a time. Life is beautiful!

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