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Emma’s Story

“Creating this album has been extremely beneficial for my recovery.”

Share your stigma experience.

I am a very transparent person. I am honest and I share my story about living with bipolar disorder if asked. Showing such vulnerability to someone can often overwhelm them. My intention is always to connect with people by being open but sadly sometimes this vulnerability is seen as weakness and not as courage which can drive them to disconnect. The belief that “we are doing this to ourselves” promotes disconnection when all we need is love and acceptance.

How did you overcome this experience?

I came to the understanding that people aren’t accepting because you were vulnerable, they weren’t accepting because they connect your pain and your vulnerability to something inside themselves that they aren’t ready to accept. They cannot accept that mental illness can happen to anyone, it must have been choices we’ve made ourselves. Therefore it’s a weakness, not a physical brain disorder.

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I have worked for 10 months creating an album about the ups and downs of living with bipolar disorder as a way to break stigma and spread awareness. Creating this album has been extremely beneficial for my recovery.

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