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Bee’s Story

“Victories in the minutia. One second at a time.”

Share your stigma experience.

Oh the luck of the genetic cesspool, yet I have hope for the future of medicine. I’m in the throes of insomnia and depression right now plus numerous old and new health issues. I had postpartum depression 20 years ago after the birth of my only child (a miracle I’m so grateful for) and have been on an antidepressant for most of that time. I went off it five years ago and suffered same, and part of my recovery included getting a cpap plus getting back on the antidepressant. Stupidly, I went off it again in Oct 2018 because of a worsening fatty liver (NAFLD) from PCOS/hypertriglyceridemia/wt gain. I embarked on weight loss program and was okay until this spring when suddenly faced with several new chronic health conditions including going from NAFLD to NASH, aortic valve regurgitation and small dialation and an as yet unknown autoimmune disorder likely causing arthritis, pain etc. I see a rheumatologist tomorrow. Essential for me is the Diamond depression program – at my primary team’s office. Just two weeks in has made a difference. This model started in Minnesota should be everywhere.

How did you overcome this experience?

I continue to put one foot in front of the other. Eating organic and healthy. Taking meds – 4 weeks in. Family, a great spouse, friends and pets. Doing only things that matter and necessary. Cutting the distractions.

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Physical and mental health are one in the same. Ask for help; yep, it’s hard to do. Never give up; it’s not an option. Victories in the minutia. One second at a time.

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