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"I have hated myself growing up and..."

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"I became very depressed my first year..."

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"People believe that eating disorders are not..."

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"My entire life I was never very..."

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"Depression Disorder. Major Depression Disorder. Anxiety Disorder..."

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"I grew up with parents that were..."

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"I am bipolar, and have overcome a..."

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"I struggled with vulnerability all my life..."

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"When I was battling with depression and..."

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"  I was diagnosed with Bipolar ..."

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"I grew up in a tumultuous household..."

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"As a child, I was diagnosed with..."

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"My kids don’t like it when ..."

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"In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)..."

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"I had my fist bout of severe..."

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"My family and friends thought my depression..."

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"I had a traumatic experience when ..."

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"I felt like I can’t tell anyone..."

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"I have had depression for over ..."

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"Outside behaviors/words that demonstrate STIGMA such as..."

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"I have had Major Depressive Disorder since..."

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"When I was 10, I was diagnosed..."

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"When I was diagnosed with post-partum depression,..."

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"I was really falling apart and my..."

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"When I tell people about my issues,..."

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"For 40 years I have lived with..."

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"I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety,..."

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"I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder..."

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"When I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality..."

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"I had my first panic attack on..."

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"Although I had family members who had..."

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"I fell ill after being in an..."

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"I started experiencing depression when I was..."

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"When I first started telling people that..."

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"I have struggled with depression most of..."

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"Family and classmates seemed to never understand..."

Shannon’s story »

Leah’s Story »

"I had my first panic attack at..."

Shane’s story »

"Mental illness is no joke. It sucks..."

Alex’s story »

"Mental health is a taboo subject and..."

Maleeha’s story »

"My story begins where many others who..."

Sarah’s story »

"I have been diagnosed with bi-poplar. It..."

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"I dealt with depression for 5 years..."

Demetria Tiffany’s story »

"Around 3 years ago, I met someone..."

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"I have autism so I have issues..."

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"I’m 38 y/o and have lived with..."

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"I’m about to turn 37 years old,..."

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"I fought this condition for years. Being..."

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"I have struggled with anxiety and depression..."

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"All my life I have suffered from..."

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Daniel & Adam »

"After hitting a “bottom” and coming home..."

J’s story »

"I have suffered from depression since ..."

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"My wife is being treated for clinical..."

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"I have Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD which..."

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"I grew up with this hazy cloud..."

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"I have struggled with depression and anxiety..."

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"What kind of stigma did you experience/observe..."

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"For me the hardest part about my..."

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"I have been judged by family and..."

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"The hardest part of being depressed is..."

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"I have bipolar disorder with a comorbid..."

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"I have had major depression since ..."

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"Mental health, esp. for men, is of..."

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Stacy’s Story »

"I live with bipolar I and ..."

Danielle’s story »

"I am a recovering IV drug addict..."

Donald’s story »

"I have generalized anxiety disorder and also..."

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"I work in health care which you..."

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"When I tried to explain my depression..."

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"I knew today was the day we..."

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"I have lived through insidious bouts of..."

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"I’m here to share my experiences with..."

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"What hurt the most was reading ..."

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"I experience bipolar disorder. I feel left..."

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"After returning to work from a medical..."

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"Depression – mental illness. While trail running..."

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"I have trouble telling people because ..."

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"People not understanding that I can’t help..."

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"Borderline Personality Disorder. I have struggled since..."

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"Many people treated my feelings like they..."

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"People who don’t know what to say..."

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"A lot of people didn’t really know..."

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"Anxiety is something that all people can..."

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"When I tell people I am in..."

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"Depressive Disorder Stigma. In October 2013, ..."

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