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Pauline’s Story

“Do your best to fight. Sometimes the best you can do is take an hour at time. You can survive!”

Share your stigma experience.

I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety. I have attempted suicide approx 4-10 times. For awhile almost every day, the thoughts in my head were “I just want to die today”, “Everyone would be better off without me”, “No one would miss me”, and “I don’t want to be here any more.”

I don’t believe there is a cure, but there are tools and resources to help stop the pain. Finding the right therapist for me is really important. It is hard to talk to someone who has never been there, you feel alone and judged. Find the right people to surround you. People who empathize and not judge you for feeling the way you do. People who will love you and stay with you through the night(s) to make sure you’re OK.

Thankfully I had friends and family watch out for me and help me through the toughest times in my life to make sure I lived. I am here 10 years later to share my story. I like to say that I am in remission. It took a lot of counseling, trying many medications and finding the right ones to help stop the negative thought cycle.

With my anxiety, this is still a daily/ weekly/ monthly struggle. I often need to step back and write down what is in my head to help calm it down. Take a few things on a time rather than try to be super human helps.

How did you overcome this experience?

I have been seeing a therapist for over 13 years. This has really helped me to see outside of my head and have tools to stop the negative thought process. I found a Psychiatrist who kept trying medications to help me find the one that worked for me and my body. When looking for professionals, it is hard but make sure you find one that makes you feel comfortable.

Again, finding the right people in your life to support you can be key. Flushing out the ones who bring you down.

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It is hard to see past the tunnel vision and pain of depression. I recommend finding a Therapist/ Psychiatrist you feel comfortable with, and friends you can rely on. Do your best to fight. Sometimes the best you can do is take an hour at time. You can survive!

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