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Marisabel’s Story

“Be who you are, never change for anyone.”

Share your stigma experience.

My name is Marisabel, I had depression probably when I was 5, my parents told me at kindergarten that I told the teacher I wanted to kill myself. I don’t remember that. As I got older I realized I was different from other girls and other people I just didn’t fit in. I didn’t like rap, country, bts, kpop and pop (sorta) . But I loved rock and metal music, I loved people who were emos or outsiders like me. Normal people stare at me for wearing rock band shirts or shirts that looks satanic. I’m catholic and I love God so much, I never support Satan or stuff like that ever. But I really do love rock music, it’s meaningful to me. At 14-16 I dated someone online for 2 years, he verbally abused me, he made me self harm, I tried to take my own life several times but failed. I turned 17 and I was finally realizing that this wasn’t love, it was control. I lost my love for him a long time ago and I don’t know why I stayed but I eventually moved on from him. To this day he stalks me online but I block whatever accounts he makes. I am not scared of him anymore. A few months later I met someone near me who lives in the same town as me, he meant everything to me, but after our 6 months anniversary he dumped me because I loved a rock band named Black Veil Brides, they saved my life back then and still are. I was so heartbroken that I went back into my depression. No matter what I did or who I am with, my depression was always there, it’s a war I have to fight. I’m 18 now and I still am heartbroken. I know I will never be okay from my past but I am trying so hard to live a good life.

How did you overcome this experience?

How did you overcome this experience? (up to 100 words) I listened to my favorite band everyday to keep me sane and happy. I go to concerts, watch anime, read and try to meet people who are like me.

Help others by sharing a brief, positive message.

Be who you are, never change for anyone. It’s not worth it to change who you are. Ignore what people say and be you and live your life the way you want. I’m still young but I know what I want in life, I believe in you.

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