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Dee’s Story

“With the right medication, counseling and a positive support system a life-long mental illness can be bearable.”

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I have suffered from Major Depressive Disorder and Social Anxiety since I was twelve (maybe even before that). No one in my family talked about it. My mom told me I would grow out of it and that it was a stage in my adolescence. After I had my first child in my early twenties I hit rock bottom and had suicidal thoughts constantly. My mom finally realized that I was not going to “snap out of it” and rounded up some close friends and family to intervene. I felt “forced” to get help. It was honestly the best thing I ever did though. Sadly I’ve been on so many different meds now that I pretty much have to pay attention to my actions and words to ensure my meds are working because after a while they don’t do what I need from them anymore. It’s a constant struggle.

How did you overcome this experience?

I would love to say I have overcome my struggle, but according to my doctors, this will be a life-long illness. I have learned to know myself and pay attention to the signs. I take my meds and seek support when I feel I can’t handle something. I also have a very good support system with my family and friends. I also use counseling and meditation.

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With the right medication, counseling and a positive support system a life-long mental illness can be bearable.

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