Congratulations on your commitment to Make It OK in your organization.

Before you launch the campaign, we would like to provide a little background on Make It OK, as well as some action steps to help guide your organization/community toward a successful launch.

In 2012, Make It OK was developed in collaboration with HealthPartners, Regions Hospital, the Minnesota chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and other community partners to encourage individuals to talk more openly about mental illnesses. By breaking the silence, the Make It OK campaign hopes to de-stigmatize mental illnesses so people will be more willing to seek out the care they need. By implementing Make It OK, you can foster an environment where everyone feels understood and supported.

Here are some suggested action steps that can help prepare you and your group for the Make It OK campaign:


Start thinking about when you’d like to launch Make It OK.

There is no right or wrong time, but some organizations find it works well to use Make It OK during other initiatives such as a wellness/well-being program or during Mental Illness Awareness Week (October) or Mental Health Awareness Month (May). Likewise, you may choose to tie it to other themes or campaigns in your organization such as physical fitness, community outreach, or social or career health.


Become familiar with the Make It OK campaign resources and toolkit.

Request a Campaign Consult

Click on each of the following for a brief overview.

Make It OK Overview Review Toolkit

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Decide on your level of participation.

We’ve provided daily activities based on your preferred level of participation in the campaign.

THE BASIC LAUNCH may be best for those organizations that are entirely new to the conversation about mental illnesses.

View Basic Campaign Launch

THE INTERMEDIATE LAUNCH may be suitable for organizations that regularly implement wellness or well-being programs but have not specifically addressed mental health.

View Intermediate Campaign Launch

THE FULL LAUNCH may work best for groups that have previously addressed mental health issues through speakers or organization-wide volunteer projects.

View Full Campaign Launch


Introduce the Make It OK campaign to leaders and managers.

Explain the purpose of Make It OK, and why your organization decided to implement it. Get their input on how participants will receive Make It OK and address any concerns or questions. Once the campaign is underway, companies may experience an increase in employee-generated questions for managers.

Make sure managers are familiar with the following before you launch Make It OK:

  • Your company or organization’s insurance benefits or the persons to contact with questions about mental health coverage
  • How to access your company’s employee assistance program (EAP)
  • How to connect employees to outside resources, information, and support for mental health issues.

Choose someone to spearhead the program.

For example, you might choose an HR employee or Health and Wellness Department person. Or consider having department heads present the campaign to their respective staffs. Or pick a champion to help promote or deliver the messages—an employee who volunteers for a mental health organization; someone who is open about his/her mental illness; or someone who has a family member or friend living with a mental illness.


Identify and prepare individuals who will present the Make It OK presentation.

Alternatively, we can provide ambassadors to deliver the PowerPoint presentations. To request a Make It OK speaker, email us at


Introduce the campaign to all participants.

Finally, just before the launch, introduce the campaign and your reasons for implementing it to all participants via one or more of the following:

  • Company newsletter
  • Intranet site
  • Flyers

Samples of each of these can be found in the Toolkit.

Now you’re ready to Make It OK.

Every organization is unique. Some of these suggestions may suit your group, and some may not. Feel free to pick and choose among them, customize them, or design your own.

We value your participation and support. Thank you for helping to Make It OK.